The Illustrator

Introducing HH the Illustrator

H detail focused hatching technique is a most distinctive attribute of Helbiyon. His subject matters remain on his Metaphor Incarnate are always Traditional Drawing using Nib And ink On Paper

born in Bandung, 1997

when i was young, drawing it’s more than about a hobby

drawing is saving me from pressures i have felt since i was young

Around 2021, i began selling my artwork for Album Cover,  Handcrafted, Home Decor, Garments and So Much More.

hand drawn personally with nib and black ink on paper.

I do not deny what people believe. Such religious iconographies and morbid anatomy strike me with awe. Their stillness, emptiness, and memento mori interest me. These are the origins of my inspiration

The Tailor

Introducing SS the Tailor

S Are Father and focused to make any Illustrate from Metaphor Incarnate of Helbiyon Works into a product that can be worn
made slowly with intention 

The Colorist

Introducing HINH the Colorist

HINH is Nephew from HH, she focus on Coloring Metaphor Incarnate of Helbiyon By Using Colored Pencils and Never Computer Enchanted

All Are made Traditionally

My Artwork as Metaphor Incarnate and that is was be my livelihood, and it is a personal investment of my time, mind, heart, and soul.