Latest Works // 2022

Latest Works // 2021

Drawing makes me  tranquil. Maybe it is saving me from pressures I have felt since I was young, near-death experiences, bereavements, and my body being fragile. And it is giving me hope.

A space to wait, reminisce and save every inch of wild things into the Metaphor Incarnate by nib and ink on paper that was hand drawn personally

I do not deny what people believe. Such religious iconographies and morbid anatomy strike me with awe. Their stillness, emptiness, and memento mori interest me. These are the origins of my inspiration

Psychedelic effects typically include intensified thoughts, emotions, and sensory Pareidolia. Towards various objects on the path whom i went through,such a simple thing of my existence its not about of my own, for me we are just empty pieces that fill each other 

As ourselves in the form of ink then we draw on Paper in the form of time

My Artwork as Metaphor Incarnate and that is was be my livelihood, and it is a personal investment of my time, mind, heart, and soul.